FFF 09.08

It’s photo Friday time again and the last weekend before we go on holiday – double yay!! I can’t wait to go, I’m so done with work- and everything that is connected to it currently. Steffi is now on a Spanish Island for August, but she still found time to get some questions out so here we go:

1.) Ich lese… I read…


My submission for the upgrade, not necessarily fun, but I really don’t want to take it with me on holiday! The chapter section is nearly there, so I’m (only?!?) missing about 3000 words for the overview… I’ll get there- eventually.

2.) Ich empfehle... I recommend…


…to sing more Bach in the morning – alternatively you can listen to it if you don’t want to sing. Like Pablo Casals said: “It cleans the soul.”

3.) Ich trage I wear…

.. a new clutch, unfortunately not for long, because it is for my sister… I could make one for myself … after I conquered the fear of sewing with faux leather, it should go faster now.

4.) Ich trau mich… I dare…

It seemed that I dared at lot this week – mostly I dared having an opinion which didn’t go down very well. Apparently doctoral students shouldn’t have that – wonder at which stage thinking will be permitted….

5.) Ich lache über.. I laugh about…

….German pop songs. G’s totally absorbed into listening to the Wise Guys and I’m constantly getting earworms, especially from their earworm song: hallo, hallo ich bin Dein Ohrwurm (hi I’m your earworm). It pops into my head at very odd moments…..
I’ll throw myself into work and hope to finish it today (keep your fingers crossed for me). The weekend will see some sewing for some holiday clothes and maybe going out for coffee. What are your plans? Anything exciting?

10 thoughts on “FFF 09.08

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Ist “nur” Kunstleder und entgegen meinen Erwartungen ist auch die Nähmaschine nicht explodiert und ich habe nur eine Nadel abgebrochen…

  1. Juli says:

    Academic related reading on holiday? Major fail! I know what you mean though 🙂 I try to get throu my pile today in order to have a guilt free week off! Fingers crossed for both of us!

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Danke, ich hätte den Link dazutun sollen wo das “Rezept” her ist, aber da es ein Geschenk ist und man nie weiß wer das so alles liest, muss das noch warten:-) Happy Freuday indeed!

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