FFF 13.09

new office

Think I found my new coffee shop office 🙂

Eeek… a week has passed and I realise, I still haven’t published the holiday post… It feels a bit like walking on quick sand: G started her new job and had a fantabulous send-off from the old one! It was sooo nice to see that almost the entire office came to the farewell party (plus, she got some amazing gifts, but that would be a post for her to write…. hint, hint…) I am writing like a maniac – this time for the upgrade – nothing new here, but I got a perfect outfit for the presentation, yep a girl has to set priorities! 🙂

So, now time for Stephis FFF before I have to work on the correction for the upgrade proposal. Stephi wanted to know 5 of our beloved books – ooh this is so difficult! Currently my most ‘beloved’ (read: most read/used) book is a scientific book about pain and pain perception – somehow I don’t think that counts.

1. Ottolenghi ‘The Cookbook’: because you will always find a recipe and something that you haven’t tried yet

2. Antonio Damasio ‘Descartes Error‘ : because we always need new perspectives

3. Susan Wiggs ‘The Ocean Between Us‘ not only because it was on a New York Times best-seller, but because we need good novels (preferably with a happy end), even though it took me a while to get into it. (I’m sure there is a German version of it, but I couldn’t quite find it.)

4. Kathryn Stockett ‘ The Help’, (see above) after I finished the book I felt like I had just said goodbye to good friends

5. Elizabeth Peters ‘ Crocodile on the Sandbank’ (preferably as an audiobook read by Barbra Rosenblatt) because when you have insomnia you need something fun and exciting to listen to

I have mostly linked the German version of these books (you can find the originals quite easily as well).

booksI hope I can catch up with what you guys read, I’m always in need for good books! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


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