Hallo 2014!

How are you and how is 2014 treating you so far? Did you do lists for your resolutions, goals, intentions…? We have – well, sort of. We have – or I should say I made us  join The January Cure (again, like last year) – only this time with the special intention of creating some space for being able to adopt a dog… a dog?? Yes, yes, I know a dog and not a cat, and how could I, I as a cat person, thinking about a dog…my mother had all the arguments out there first, believe me. 🙂 But with the layout of our flat, plus about 10 cats already here and a good assortment of foxes (if we can go by the acoustics of the last few days) and our landlord being a dog lover… it seemed to make sense.  We have set up a meeting at a shelter for Saturday, but it seems that the dog we were hoping to meet is taken off the website now (or already found a home) … so we will see. It seems that it’s not an easy or fast process, but that’s ok (with me… G had a dog for almost all her childhood and cannot wait to have one again).  I have had several cats and I know how to work with them: if they are fiercely independent or an absolute chicken, if they love Richard Strauss and hate Richard Wagner, if you need to hold their paws during birth or feed them with a straw when they are ill. But a dog? I have been a dog sitter to my friend’s dog (a cream labrador called Microbus – how’s that for a name?), but she was so well trained you hardly could do anything wrong with her – except for wearing black clothes.

Hmm, so we will see. It seems that 2014 will be a year of changes, so I’d better face them head on as it looks like they are coming anyway.  I will keep you up-to-date with all the changes happening here, for now it’s just the search for a new four-legged furry friend. What are your plans and resolutions for 2014? Will you get a pet, go on a diet, start jogging, get married, take more road trips or ditch all those lists and just make 2014 a happy year? Let us know!


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