Welcoming the new Glossybox

If I needed any proof at all that I am constantly running behind, this blogpost is further proof: almost two weeks after the event, I am finally getting to blog… so lean back, grab a cup of coffee and take a minute for a little smile (or smirk):

15th February, and the new Glossybox has arrived! Micro was (at least) as excited as we were: some lovely things to play with. And while he helped us to unpack the box, I think he might just have been a little more excited about the box than we were about the contents… Do you know the feeling of popping bubble wrap bubbles? If you get into it, it’s really quite addictive – and once started, you will not stop (and definitely not have any ’emergency’ bubble wrap for posting emergencies…). Well, Micro’s bubble wrap is a cardboard box. He is in love…

Micro is at least as excited about the arrival of the Glossybox as we are….

… and the box was expertly dis-assembled as he proceeded to “help”…

… until it was finished to complete satisfaction.


Anyway, M, Micro and I wish you a happy Friday!


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