Spring A-Z

Hello spring, how much I missed you! Is it safe to say you’ve arrived in London without jinxing it…??  I really hope so! Getting to enjoy the sunshine, eating ice cream, watching the little green leaves grow….  these are my a-z things I would like to do:

A – affogato – people, it’s time for ice cream again!

B – babies  – or rather visiting babies (+ my own little new nephew; ETA: next month and current code name: Minimum – that’s what favourite nephew no. 1 calls his new brother…)

C – coffee – we get it delivered every 2 weeks now by pact coffee – best coffee we have had. We choose to get a different one every time, keeps it fresh (and no, this is not a sponsored thing; they have no idea that I’m writing this)

D – daylight, we see much more of you!

E – eau de parfum, I’ll need to choose a new one – difficult task.

F – family, we’ll see you for Easter!

G – Germany (see road-trip/family) going home so that everyone can get to know the dog, the dog gets to see deer (not sure that is a great thing, but they live in the woods around my parents’ place, so we’ll have to live with it…), going to the zoo (and yes, doggie can come with us, just not into the open cages – and since he’s mellow enough, we might try that), throwing my sister (or better my favourite nephew no. 1) a ‘you’re going to be a big brother’ party

H – hope. Always in spring: hope in general and hope for a small garden, preferably not too far from town, alternatively for a stunning balcony – which has to wait since the house will be painted this month.

I – ideas. We have lots of ideas and new projects, I would really love to see some of them coming through.

J – jam, make some jam for breakfast, we have saved so many jars, it should be possible.

K – knit and finish this jumper – before it’s too warm to wear it.

L – live, rather than exist, which I have done the past 8 months and I didn’t like it at all. It felt like my life and my health were slipping though my fingers, and quickly. This month marks my 18th anniversary in my second life: 18 years that I should not have seen, time to remember not to waste it.

M – meet people, old friends, make new friends.

N – nuts, make more granola and enjoy the smell of drying nuts sifting through the flat (and have something lovely for breakfast)

O – organise or stay organised – this would help in case of a new mouse invasion… with this in mind I upgraded our ‘cleaning park’ and bought a steam cleaner – after my Dad pragmatically said, if you rent the steam cleaner more than twice you might as well buy it… well, what can I say? He’s right.

P- pancakes for weekend breakfasts – need more of them (and weekends, they are gone too fast)  the blueberry pancakes go very well together with bacon as I discovered. Try it, you’ll see.

Q – quince, figure out a way how to do quince jelly without using preserving sugar… it’s not the season right now, but it might be a good time to investigate that.

R – road-trips – love them, try to do more of them and visit places, take the dog for a ride, go to the sea (see: vacation)

S – sew – sit. down. and. sew! Use the high from the sewing bee series to sew more again. Just do it! (Hmm, sounds a bit like the Nike slogan…)

T – twigs, get some in the house, hang some Easter egg on it, see the flowers coming out.

U – unpack summer clothes (hello, good-weather-shoes!)

V – vacations (see road-trip) go to France and pick up all the things we love and can’t get here (or only overpriced) in supermarkets and pharmacies. Go back home and do the same. Do things for fun (novel concept…)

W – write more regularly

X – xylophone – avoid! Go for bird song instead (do you have any idea how many words with x exist… not much choice here)

Y – Yoghurt – use the yoghurt maker – much – more!

Z – za’atar try to find more recipes to use this in the kitchen,  so far we only have the amazing chickpea salad – there must be more.

That’s my list for spring. What are you going to do?



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