Happy Friday

So happy it’s nearly the weekend! Currently I’m sitting on the observation post sofa with little doggie curled up on my lap in order not to miss a delivery that I’ve expected to arrive from home (the other home) since last Monday already! Between Deutsche Post and Royal Mail they manage to not find me here at home (well, no idea where they were, but not here: they didn’t even post a missed-you-will-deliver-again-card, I conclude: they weren’t at my place) and then professed that my address didn’t exist…. We will see if DHL will come through – at least they text in advance…

This also means that my Friday cleaning schedule is somehow off, since there is no point in steaming (or even, God forbid, hoovering). Also, no point in working since this requires headphones, and I know that I won’t hear anything else around me once I start this. On the upside, I’m upgrading my knowlegde about how to get rid of secondary smoke (or better insulate the apartment) thanks to this great post on apartment therapy. Some really cool stuff, like this door draft excluder (which would also work against the mice – must keep that list updated too!). The shop also sells sash window gap seal (aaaahh, yes!!) and a floorboard gap seal. OMG! How I wish, we had that when we were still living in the house (no more snails in the kitchen, J!)! Now I know! Still need to figure out how to insulate the electrical outlet. Is it safe to use spray foam? Any ideas?

The weekend to-do list foresees a lot of sewing. I have already finished the nursing cover (though not totally happy with the tension the machine gave me for the finishing seams, need to work on that one) and a travel document holder for little doggie (it’s more like having a little child….document-wise). We still need the plastic bag holder chicken, the matching big bro/little bro t-shirts/onesies and perhaps new passport covers for us (the privacy insulation cover is very effective, but just plain ugly). There is one more very important point on the list: sample the new coffee (which also should be delivered today) tomorrow morning, together with blueberry pancakes. (With our dog you can forget about sleeping in – you need the coffee! – although he does occasionally sleep until 8:30, which is way longer than my sister gets with her three year old son). In the absence of a waffle iron, which died after the last event of ‘beautiful failures’ when the dough stuck (or fused) to the waffle iron, it’s pancakes instead of waffles, but hey, they still taste great – and we should not forget the bacon to go with it! Hope you have a happy Friday and a great weekend!


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