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…isn’t he cute? I wish I would feel half as lively as this little fellow today! We’re back from our trip back home, very happy but slightly exhausted: two late birthdays, one big brother shower and two birthday preps, everyone cuddling with Micro (maybe not G’s parents’ dog, but the two of them did play together),  little A experiencing what it means to have a dog (going on walks with A holding the end of the leash and Micro connected to the other end of the leash makes one feel like a circus director in the middle… lots of fun), still waiting for ‘Minimum’ to be born (although there were moments we thought it would happen right there) and therefore lots of back-rubs for my sister, starting the grilling season in my parents’ garden and trying to buy a basket for the bike (and huge thanks to my favourite bike shop Hanssen for cutting out all the crap we heard in the pet shop and giving us clear advice, like always, even though this time we couldn’t buy anything- you guys rock!). This gives you a glimpse of what we squeezed into last week.

If you follow us on instagram you’ll have seen that we posted some pictures. I’m trying to write a longer blog post, but the flat needs cleaning … the house is being painted…and this is all I’m going to say about it – this time.  If it doesn’t rain we’ll try to take Micro to Richmond Park (now that we have a 10-metre leash and a Frisbee) on the weekend, and there will be new coffee (and I have a feeling there could be blueberry waffles as well) – have a wonderful weekend!


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