Long weekend ahead

Technically, this is a birthday weekend (my mom and sister), but since we are already back on the island, we’re going to celebrate them (and tea) from our living room. (On this note: G discovered a Mariage Frères counter in Selfridges, how cool is that! And, I guess we’re probably the last ones to find that out!)

What’s on the list for this weekend? Hmm, we will be attempting to put out new plants on the balcony.  Weather and paint on balcony permitting (please put down that second coat of paint, so that we can get rid of the plant pots from the living room table!). This time we’ll purchase expanded clay (or similar) with the new compost/potting soil. Almost all the plants drowned this winter, because the soil was soaking wet. I also would like to buy scented pelagonium(s) – I wanted some for years, no idea why I completely lost that thought and here is the place to get them. What exactly am I waiting for…? New lavender and rosemary (which had some weird black bugs in their roots killing them off), maybe some sempervivum (or sempervivi rather, one by itself looks a bit forlorn). The Latin name is prettier than the German Dachwurz or Hauswurz (not easy words to pronounce for English speakers…but, I digress), although G’s not terribly fond of them. Maybe some Bamboo or medium high grass, definitely some chicken wire (or similar) to prevent Micro from having an accident by squeezing his head through the balcony bars….

And then obviously, depending on the weather, reading, knitting or sewing or going on walks with Micro – and with rain on the radar again, maybe we should really invest in rain boots…? Well, that sounds like a lot to look forward to. What are your plans? Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!


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