Rain and sunshine

microthedogThis week might have been shorter, but it surely felt like it had 3 Wednesdays or so, and the on-and-off rain didn’t help. Hiding at home with a dog is not an option as you will know if you have one. Why, why can’t he keep himself busy like a cat? Oh, yes, he’s still a young dog…. (sigh). If it rains, he’s not going outside (he’ll give you the my-fur-is-going-to-be-wet-you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me look), but he will happily sprint into the little pond in Richmond Park to go for a swim…go figure.  The weather app has never been so useful! Right now doggy pretends to be sleeping by snoring loudly… how is anyone getting any work done with such a funny dog?

The great event this week, however, was that I have become an auntie for the second time. Favourite nephew no.2 made his entrance on Wednesday morning at 2am: excellent date: he shares his birthday with Johannes Brahms, Peter I. Tchaikovsky and Gary Cooper – great music and good looks day 🙂 He is very long and thin like his brother was, and my sister and BIL are still pondering names, so currently he’s still #Minimum. I haven’t spoken to anyone yet (I was on the phone with my sister until about 3 hours before she gave birth, though….which meant I didn’t sleep much either that night, but, hey, these things don’t happen every day, so what!). My sister sent texts and everyone emailed tons of pictures. My parents drove over literally in the middle of the night to be there when little A woke up (who was in the care of the landlords/neighbours who adore him). A little sad that we live too far away to just go over, but very happy that everything went well and everyone is healthy! Welcome to the world little man!


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