Roadtrip and summer break

breakfast with a view

Oh, how I wished I could have this view every morning! Don’t you? It’s so lovely to have a view of the sea and blue sky. We even sat in this spot in cooler weather … note: this would have been  about 22°C, something we consider warm back here in the UK, haha! We had wonderful relaxing holidays: dog, parents and all – well, maybe not the mosquitoes, but hey, after getting bitten 8 times in 2 minutes while making fish cakes in the kitchen, who keeps counting?

We took off from our flat in London in the middle of the night (according to A, who stayed at our place and got up to say good-bye) after only 3 hours of sleep (eek!), which was definitely not enough for the epic road-trip. I managed to keep G awake up to the Eurotunnel and then it was 35 minutes of sleep with Micro on her lap.

Sleeping through the Eurotunnel

Sleeping through the Eurotunnel

Micro had his first walk on the beach shortly after in  France – he got super exited, jumped up and down like a rubber ball, and even found a buddy to run with. That made his day – he happily curled up in the car and slept for hours. About midday we gave in, found an aire and slept as well for an hour or so… We had reserved a room with a Campanile Hotel a bit more than half way towards our destination, which allows dogs. And in case you go there this Campanile in Clermont-Ferrand is not at the exit Clermont-Ferrand Sud as it says on the website, but rather Issoire – which is about 12 exits  (30 km or 20 minutes, about 3 nervous breakdowns and a lot of inward cursing) further South. We had booked a room with a lovely B&B for the way back – and the people forgot to check their mails and had no idea that we were coming… but gave us a bed anyway. And the lesson: probably don’t book by email next time…

We had a very happy dog on the beach (a couple of times he even got to play with other dogs) and on our walks in the woods, and he got loads of attention/cuddles from everyone there. There is a great vet pretty close by (even a 24 hour emergency, thankfully not needed!)

Our little red Nightbus  (looks really small from the outside, but man, it has storage space like a van) took us everywhere we wanted to go. We’re so looking forward to going there again next year! And totally recommend the area, if you want to go with your furry friend. I’ve read a lot of negative things about Spain and dogs, but we didn’t get treated differently to here, maybe Catalunya is different to the rest of Spain (they certainly think so – in a good way). Taking public transport is something different, though, and the dog would have to be in a bag or have wear a muzzle: you’ll need to look it up if you don’t plan to take your own transport. Since we had a car it didn’t apply to us, but I read about people hitch-hiking with their dog through Spain (and that was a Malamute cross, not a small dog) and even doing the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela with their dog. In the end some people like dogs, some don’t, and that’s just it. We just figured, we might need to brush up on our Spanish to be able to speak to people next time, when we hope to make lots of new friends on two and four legs 🙂


3 thoughts on “Roadtrip and summer break

    • dotsandyarn says:

      Ich weiss, der FFF fehlt! Habe mir gerade eure wunderbaren Reisebericht angesehen – hach wie schön!! Derweil sind wir hier buchstäblich auf den Hund gekommen – ich sage nur Haare im Regen…:-) Viele liebe Grüße zurück

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