August Snippets

OMG it’s September alreaday?! Where did August go? Wasn’t it yesterday that I was lamenting for summer to hurry up and arrive? And just like that it’s time to pack summer clothes away – although technically I never really pack them away with the weather here,  just develop creative ways to wear them in bad weather… The nice thing is that everyone is coming back to town and that Micro is finding all his friends, back again at the dog park – and I get more people to talk to while he plays.

When I wasn’t standing around in the dog park, or working (yes, I sometimes do work….), I followed the Kitchn Fall Cure as you can see above with G’s lovely inherited china – I postponed a couple of assignments as I wanted to buy a couple of extra boards for the shelves and some insulation foam (make it mouse safe, while you can!). I also feel a trip to the big blue and yellow Shop in Wembley coming up to get some plastic boxes (no more rattan boxes, the mice luurrve them). G insisted that it would be better to take weekends to rest rather than popping pain medication and ploughing through everything until a total crash follows – interesting concept, must think about it…

I am trying to get used to doing things one-armed again as Micro is having flashbacks and suffers from panic attacks quite badly at times. He is fine in the dog park with other dogs, but is rather clingy in the house. And yes, you see, we own a blanket that looks like a giraffe… go, London Zoo!

We have been working on getting our ducks in a row on how to organise the rest of the year. I love the picture that this creates in my head: it’s like shepherding lots of ducks to walk in a row, how cute!

So there are lots of lists and planning going on and I fell in love with my calender all over again – I must have the same one for next year! It really helps to track stuff, and once you think outside of the box and start using the days for tasks as well as appointments it helps to get everything structured – it still doesn’t stop me from overloading it with stuff, but hey, that’s me I guess…

Well then, hello September I hope you bring a lot of sunshine – you’d better! It’s my birthday month and I take it personally if there’s rain! I will try to better organise our posts on the blog – ha, famous lasts words, but it is part of the ‘ducks in the row’ thing. It might take a while though. As a fun thing we’ll try out lots of the new recipes from Danielle’s Meals Made Simple. I see carrot cupcakes in my very near future.

Above are our version of the cranberry muffin from her first cookbook, which we love and use quite a lot. The book has now been translated to German, just in case you’re interested in this sort of food and find yourself struggling with English, or simply prefer to be able to quickly read your cookbook, rather than having to translate first. Note on the side: Do you have cookbooks stacked on the bedside table as well, and isn’t it sooo relaxing to read them?

© via pinterest

Oh, and we will be going back to our new dog-friendly neighbourhood coffee shop, not only because Micro is welcome, but also because they do amazing coffee!! What will do you? Hope you have a fantastic month!



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