Dear Friday…

old weekend rituals – new coffee place

While commenting on a blog recently I thought how sad it was that there is no Foto Freitag anymore. I used to look forward to it – somehow, this always meant the weekend was near. So I thought, I’ll create my own little Friday ritual and introduce the ‘dear Friday’ post -and I hope we can keep this small ritual up… let’s wait and see. This post should have all sorts of snippets of things I found while cruising the internet over the past week. Some things to look forward to, some that made me think or made me happy:

Other Friday food rituals – totally love this one, and definitely would like to put it into action, don’t you?

Don’t forget to sign if you have a dog, just because oh, well you know…  (and if you are a UK resident)

To stay on the subject of dogs, here is a very stylish water bottle

Heimatpottential has created a new instagram hashtag to make us look for beautiful things this autumn go and check out #halloherbst14 – which reminds me that we still haven’t been to see Tiger and Turtle

Autumn makes me crave a new blanket to snuggle

Did you know this existed?

This makes me really want to cut my hair short. What do you think?

Don’t you think this would be a great gift for a baby/toddler – only three months left until Christmas, got to keep that in mind…

And just like that it’s back to do some work – I had some really (irony on) wonderful migraines (irony off) this past week, and I’m really behind on my schedule. Got to get something done today, but it’s Friday, so let’s get some coffee/tea/water (after all it’s not quite yet time for the cocktail) and make this a happy day. How about you? I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!


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