Dear Friday…

new work mode in the coffee shop

new work mode in the coffee shop – Micro’s actually sleeping, don’t know how, but he is.

Dear Friday I can’t wait for you to start off the weekend! This is my birthday weekend, so it just has to be a good one! Sunshine (hopefully), cuddles from Micro, brunch in the new coffee shop … lots of little nice things to do.

G is giving me the ‘home office renovation’ for my birthday so that I can (again) comfortably work from here with a dog (totally new deal!). It might sound trivial to some ears (read to some eyes?), but for me it’s a big deal. With only a limited amount of energy per day, I have to be careful where to spend it, and I love doing renovation projects  (as everyone knows very well, if they have spent some time with me …. Mom?), and it will be very handy to get my things organised. In case it’s contagious, tell yourself it’s Friday and you need to clean for the weekend anyway.

Heike had a super video about how to organise your printer stuff – it’s in German, but you’ll get the idea even without understanding the language. It almost made me drop everything to start a list straight away last week… (Heike, so sad we missed each other this week while you were here; we’ve got to to plan that coffee next time!)

We will try to achieve something similar to this – there is not much room in these London flats, and it will have to be multi-purpose and look neat – the most difficult task.

And since it’s still a bed room this idea might not be bad.

Maybe we can use the big frame to do something like that as a moderate mood/memory board and make some gold leaf bowls for the daily jewellery/watch

And I have a little porcelain mini elephant family that I could spay paint … hmhm

Is this not super cool – and you can write with it!

On a separate note, I found this  and it totally made me cut my hair off yesterday. Seriously!

And finally dear Friday: dear laundry and dear flat, can you be self-cleaning today, pretty please? Have a fantastic weekend!!


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