Dear Friday…

The first (official) autumn weekend is waiting right outside the door (starting after 5:30 or 6pm or whenever your weekend starts). It’s really beginning to be cool now in the mornings  (of course the weather is changing: if I was still wondering whether that would be the case, I only have to look at our dog, who is shedding like mad!)- mental note: knit faster this weekend to finish jumper! Hmm, maybe I can sneak in some time over lunch to finish the last row of the body… what do you think?  The home-office renovation is still in full swing, we are sorting through tons of files – paper everywhere on higher (Micro-secure) surfaces – he loves to shred paper, and he’s actually quite good at it. Some more ideas for the weekend:

Business card holder diy yay or nay?

Staying with diy – sew your own waxed jacket (including the waxing process) too much to do or worth the effort?

And (finally) Heike’s organising files video – great ideas! Thanks for posting them! I’m so going to order one hanging file – I can pick it up when we go home next month, seriously less postage charges!

Joyce DiDonato’s new CD – great repertoire and very lovely cover picture

Beautiful video about how balerinas prepare their shoes- my friend used to squeeze them in the door and them bang the door – always made me sad that we don’t have a similar thing as singers; it’s such a great ritual to ease you into concentrating onto your job.

Really? iPhone 6 bends under pressure? #bendgate

Apparently still worth the money and coming first in the taste test: the real parmeggiano

And staying with food and the autumn theme: time for the Fee’s sweet & spicy pumpkin/squash soup with pears (scroll down to the end for an English translation of the recipe) – I have a feeling I’m going to make this for tonight and catch up on the new season of some of our tv series – that should help with the knitting! What are your plans for the weekend? Going for a walk, hanging out with friends and/or family or having time for a coffee (without taking some work with you)? Hope you have a great one!


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