September Favourites

Coffee with friends, little M and Micro some of the highlights

Eek, is this October already? Oh, well, come in then and lets have fun! How about a golden October, what do you say, hm? What did we do last month?

Important steps to prepare for the winter (and everybody thinks this is going to be a really cold one, as the last one was just wet and mild) – we have started to mouse proof the place. And my first and absolute favourite: Insulation foam (also known as Bauschaum at home, and while you could spay this into your sockets here, don’t try this at home, it is forbidden!) One can of foam went into the holes in the kitchen alone (don’t ask!). Also all other possible mouse-entries were sealed with steel wool (like under the stove and towards the fridge). Basically, the place is perfectly accessible for the little beasts without ever having to show up on the surface – grrrreat! The one and only place we haven’t touched yet is the little built-in cupboard for the boiler (with non-fitted holes around the pipes, what..?), which might get done this month thanks to power dough from Pattex  – I have to say all tips and tricks came from our good friend A – and seriously, we should give her a regular house tips and tricks column here, she is full of fantastic ideas for the xxxx (censored) building structure here.

And then, we have been squirrelling away on something that is absolutely censored right now, as it’s stuff for G’s mom and it’s her birthday very, very soon – no, chance I.,I’m not going to spill the beans here, but we will be there dog and all on your birthday! Lots of favourites, though. Now you can wonder what we have for you 🙂

What else? Oh, yes, my birthday present home-office renovation (the dog edition), which was/is on hold until we come back from the birthday trip for G’s mom – too much to do and not enough time during the weekend to do it all. We did buy a 2,30m long wooden kitchen counter top and put it over the two Malm dressers in the bedroom – already looks much better.  Favourite thing: our awesome mini-car, in which we manage to fit that thing! We threw away about 8 bags full of paper stuff (and there is more to go through), shlepped one shelf up into the living room and one down from the living room into the bedroom – and, in the process, because of a very narrow hallway, had to get the one from the hallway temporarily into the living room. Yep, you can see, it was a heavy lifting weekend, so grateful G’s here and always up for doing these crazy things with me.

Micro and I are back into our in the coffeeshop-working-mode again, so I can go through my papers/emails that I don’t want to touch/do at home. The little bookshop (which is not directly around the corner and is definitely not called like that, but is an independent bookshop) allows Micro come in and sleep (or rather crash) under the table, as I usually come after he has played his little heard out at the dog park. He’s made plenty of new puppy friends, which makes me very happy, as he was almost the youngest one when we started. He is the smallest one that comes regularly. His friend Banjo – a Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix, who is definitely smaller, is not there that often – and all the other ones have really grown and are (more than) twice as heavy as he is now. Not that this would discourage him – oh, nooooh! Favourites here: the bookshop (including very friendly staff, great coffee and fruit loops to share with Micro) and new dogs and owners at the dog park.

What else? We met up with old and new friends and conclude that having a dog (and a car) really added to our quality of life this summer. Now, it’s for you October to show your best side. I’m so much looking forward to our birthday road trip next week! And please don’t be a rainy month  – remember, I have to take the dog out!



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