Season of change

Autumn leaves…. (Picture: © Sanctified Rant)

As the seasons change and the last traces of summer are making room for autumn, there is change in the air on all sides…. I usually love this season, especially when October turns out to be golden, and when the leaves turn all colours under the sun! Crisp walks through woods and parks, late afternoons on weekends snuggled in with a tea and chatting to good friends, even sitting inside in the warm while it’s windy and wet outside (reminder: we have to buy those Hunter boots!!).

There is also lots of change looking a little closer: M is working on re-visiting the foundations of her research work, looking at some steps in new directions,  Micro is growing up and discovering life after having been the smallest puppy in the dog park (he has already discovered that he can pass on some annoying habits to admiring smaller puppies… oh my!), and I am about to embark on my own small adventure, changing jobs just as I am about to hit another Zero-birthday (oh, 20 again…. and again…. or something like that).

Change is exciting and there is a fair amount of adrenaline coursing through my system at times. What I love best about this time of change, however, is spending it with good friends and family. I am so very fortunate!!


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