Dear Friday

richmond park

Richmond Park

No dear Friday last week, thanks to a really stressful week (and a September favourites post instead), but today we are prepared, even though we will be driving through the French countryside when this goes up.

Dear stray dogs, don’t be invisible any longer

And, staying with dogs: love this lost and found video

Looking to secure the front wheel of your bike – how about this?

Looking for a new poster for your kitchen? Maybe Julia Childs can help

Dear people with problems figuring out what to have for breakfast… This blog will change the problems to ‘what will I have first’. I know for G it’s the Avocado toast and I would prefer the apple omelette (minus the cheese though).

The new Against all grain Meals Made Simple cookbook has a fantastic pancake dry mix recipe (pretty much the dry ingredients from the Paleo biscuits with a bit of a twist) –  a real life saver these last two weeks for my lunch – if you are new to Paleo, her cookbooks are totally worth checking out.

How about some temporary food tattoo – to show off on your arms/ankles in the golden October weather …

Last, but not least, looking for a solution for this dear flat of yours to self-clean before the holidays? Maybe the Style Cure is a solution for you.

We are probably still on our birthday roadtrip home, working out what to do first when we arrive. Have a great weekend yourselves!


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