Dear Friday… and happy New Year 2015!

present wrapping … best present for Micro this Christmas: the wrapping paper


Christmas gifts, discoveries and looking at the year ahead….

Christmas in Germany seems a long time ago already, and apart from lovely memories and some very cool Christmas presents, we brought back a pretty bad head cold and cough (courtesy of M’s nephew, Little M). I thought we’d still share some of the things we discovered…

Ordering fish online – after a desperate search through Fulham for Herring fillets (preferably Matjes) to make the traditional New Year’s Eve Heringssalat (Herring Salad), we’ve discovered that you might not be able to easily find Herring in London, but you can get it by next day delivery if ordering online… Who would have thought?! Do you have a family recipe for Heringssalat? Here is one I found online, but since M has gone SCD and I have gone Paleo, ours is a little different from this one (German).

Having had to order some flowers for my colleagues who organised our recent office move in Central London, I loved the beautiful flowers when they arrived.

A cool way to let steam escape from your cooking pots – the Lid Sid (thank you R and C for this great Christmas present!)

Since Christmas, M’s Dad is now walking around the house like Frodo… happy feet!

Cold hands this time of year? One of my colleagues carries this in his pocket (admittedly not in pink….)

And one more discovery I simply have to share: knowing how much I’ve been missing *real* Spaghetti, M’s parents gave me this for Christmas. We all (M and I together with M’s parents who spent New Year’s with us) tried it out last week when we made butternut squash spaghetti… LOVE IT!

I hope you had a lovely holiday season and great start into the New Year!! We’d love to hear about some of the nice, creative and crazy Christmas gifts you received or gave away…. For now, have a lovely weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dear Friday… and happy New Year 2015!

  1. dotsandyarn says:

    Yes, we’ve been following the January Cure as well – it was ‘deep clean your kitchen’ this past weekend 🙂 How are you? Would love to meet up for some knitting and tea/coffee!! G

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