Dear Friday

New year, new resolutions, new dear Friday. TGI Friday!  What a week this has been – I am so looking forward to the weekend! Last Thursday Mirco’s furry friend Austin thought it was great fun to eat some painkillers that were high up on the table (where he is not supposed to be, and, as his humans thought, out of reach for him). Let me tell you, it was far from being fun. He was taken into animal hospital almost the moment we went to the vet (Micro and I came along as psychological support) or, if you’d asked Micro, he left through the other door and was gone. In reality,  Austin was in the back of the vet’s office getting blood work done and some infusions and stayed in hospital for another 48 hours. He got briefly re-admitted on Monday for a scan and that’s when poor Micro really lost it. The second time he had to leave the vet without his furry friend, he wasn’t going to take it lightly: so Micro didn’t eat until about 9:30 pm that day  (we tried all his favourite foods) and once he saw Austin again on Tuesday, he wouldn’t leave him out of his sight, he tried to get in between him and the vet when we walked in to pick up some meds, cried like baby when he couldn’t see Austin having a shower (after a muddy walk in the park and the humans wanted to sit down for a nice catch up coffee…) and completely forgot any form of recall… (sigh). Did you ever have a hysterical dog running away from you in the dog park? Then you know what I’m talking about: it’s super exhausting! So, it’s back to the Basics in Trema of training, and I didn’t get much done this week.

What else was interesting? Yep, get that insurance for you little furry friend that you wanted to sign up for months ago. And write down that number for the poison helpline! German readers can find more info regarding poisoning here.  No, worries, people on those phone lines are trained and will ask you the important things anyway, but it helps if you can stay calm – or ask a friend to call for you. And don’t wait when it happens! Call and go see your vet!

Found this blog which talks about a dog getting immune-medicated encephalitis. It makes one think what is really necessary and what is pushed on us – very difficult subject. It also reviews some dog related items (e.g. coats, harness) and, despite the heavy subject is still quite entertaining.

What else, apart from dog content? Beginning of the year always means health and fitness so we’re getting lots of zoodles (thanks to the lurch G got for Christmas) and meatballs, for an inspiration see this one (warning: you might get hungry), or you might want to try a salad like this one for lunch.

New year also means clean your place, and, like Daisy (and us) you can join the January Cure over on apartmenttherapy. When you hang upside down in the kitchen (bedroom, living room) you can at least tell yourself there are lots of other people doing similar things at the same time – united we clear (or something like that 🙂

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and enjoy!


One thought on “Dear Friday

  1. Daisy says:

    Oh no, hope he is totally better soon!
    I’m only half doing the January Cure – I have, for instance, not done any of this weekend’s challenge, as it seemed to make more sense to strip and wash ALL the bedding in warmer weather when I can get it dry outside!

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