Dear Friday

apartment therapy

Pets make kitchen a happier place ©apartment therapy

Hey, how have you been? How was your week? It’s been one hell of a week here and I still  get bad migraines, if I don’t rest enough – and enough seems like a lot currently. Plus, they are doing some building works next door, so there is a lot of sledge hammering and drilling from there – not really the quiet, peaceful atmosphere you’d wish for. I can’t tell you how glad I am it’s nearly weekend!

The January Cure is coming to a close and we haven’t managed to do the living room – oh, well it’s postponed not abandoned.

Joyce DiDonato’s new CD Stella di Napoli – great new music to listen to, in case you are in the mood for something new.

Leonardo had change of mind – a cool revelation thanks to science.

Pets make kitchen a happier place to be – hmm, guess we should re-think that the kitchen is a no-go area for Micro.

This sounds like a reasonable breakfast option – and definitively very pretty bowls! Coincidentally, after having added this link, I found the bowls here.

If you are already looking for a pretty valentine’s card – this might be a diy version for you.

What ever you do this weekend, have fun and stay warm – I hear there is some snow coming.


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