Dear Friday

Austin and Micro after a run in the park

Happy Friday everyone! Did you have a good week? This week has been both uneventful and stressful, but it’s nearly finished, so enough said! I’m writing this from the centre of the storm – next door drilling just reached a new level: the floor = my bed is shaking… Thankfully it never lasts for too long and I will add  some white noise to this sound mix (otherwise known as hoovering) as soon as I hit publish.  Micro and his BFF Austin are both with the dog-walker, this means their humans can get some work done. It’s just a little bit easier for me when he is running with his friends and I ‘just’ have to do some cleaning (haha!). He is not a big fan of being taken away by the dog-walker, but I know he does enjoy running with his doggie friends. He comes home exhausted and we can curl up together.

Reading from your tea leaves? No, reading from your choice of chilli

New alternative to gel nails – what do you think?

Diagrams that make cooking easier – lots of them

Solar powered light in a jar – something for favourite nephew no.1’s birthday?

With all the drilling going on next door, I really could have done with these headphones  this week

Google maps can be useful, even for Frodo

Oh, and in case you have not done enough cleaning in January follow Heike on her cleaning journey – it’s in German, but her videos are pretty self-explanatory and she has lots of great ideas for storage and organisation.

What are your plans for this weekend? The weather is not supposed to be great, so I don’t think we’ll do a lot other than taking the dog out for long walks, drinking tea – and maybe G’s going to make some cookies…? It’s this time of the year where I have enough of the winter and can’t wait for spring to start. I have seen that daffodils start to come out of the ground, so hopefully not much longer! Whatever you do, have a fantastic weekend!



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