Dear Friday

coffee break

Coffee Break

Happy Friday 13th! Are you all ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? If you need ideas fast have you checked out Rachel’s lazy girl’s guide (love them!) for Valentines’s Day (single or couple). You don’t need to rush out to buy a card,  there are lots of options for free printables (just in case you remember this at 11pm tonight…)

If you prefer to do some diy over the weekends: Love this idea of a reclaimed wood buffet sigh, there’s not enough space to do this here

Have you seen the interview with ballet dancer Polina Semionova? She so reminds me of our friend H – who is not a dancer (but could have been one), but she is a pianist 🙂

Don’t forget that Joyce DiDonato takes over the Metopera instagramm account tomorrow with  Lady of the Lake pictures (and it’s her birthday as well)

In search of a light lunch? How about this salad for lunch – a bit of spring on the plate already

For everyone at home a cheerful Helau und Alaaf!!! (miss carnival, snif) We will (hopefully) get up early to walk the dog – otherwise we will have to jog through the rain (again, where is the sun?!?) and then have some with out of G’s stylish cups and maybe some waffles…? If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or carnival, what ever you do, have a great weekend!


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