Seeing with your nose – Dog Tuesday

Sleepy Dog

The plan for last week was to upload the ‘Am I ready for a dog’ checklist, but our work schedule got nixed first by young Austin the Golden Retriever (who scared us yet again by having played with the ibuprofen package, but all is well and he didn’t ingest any tablets) and then driving home to Germany on Thursday and back Saturday.

Instead, today you get a post I had planned for a little bit later. This might help, when you are  looking at your dog stopping (again) and sniffing (again, and again) when you would like to go… and the frustration rises. This TED video gives you an idea why this is happening (the stopping and sniffing, not the frustration part) and how cool your dog’s nose actually is. I would disagree with the statement that dogs only see black and white, however, studies show that they are red-green blind. This means you could train you dog to sort the yellow and the blue socks – if you wan to invest the time.


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