Dear Friday

Micro and Austin at Camber Sands beach

Micro and Austin at Camber Sands beach last Saturday

It’s Friday again! How was your week? This week was particularly hard in terms of construction works next door, the sledge hammer new generation or something. The floor boards vibrated for hours, in this case not even noise-cancelling headphones work. Micro and I immigrated to the coffee shop, where I did some work while he was curled up next to me. I can’t wait every day until it’s 5:00pm (which is when they normally finish), unfortunately they also work in Saturdays. Last Saturday even before I had the chance to have a single drop of coffee… aaaaahhh!

Thanks to Micro’s constant kissing amongst other things (although doggy kisses are apparently good for you) we tried to make our make-up routine more eco-friendly. First time we miserably failed, because it’s not easy to find your way through the cosmetic jungle (and not everyone has a diploma in chemistry to fall back on and understand the ingredients). We resorted to Think Dirty. The app helps you to find out what’s really in your (cosmetic) bag. Most of the time we have our phones with us, so it’s  easy to simply scan the bar code and find out if your really want all these things in your face (and your dog’s tummy).

The weather is getting better (or I want it to be better, we got rained on during our big walk the last two days and it’s definitely cold outside) and I want new shoes to take Micro out. Maybe some new Rockport (I have a pair from some years back I used all last year to take Micro out) or (very tempting) these from Hanwag (and obviously more expensive, sigh). Serious eats had a staple pantry pick, which made me think how ours changed with the whole30: no more beans and a lot more chilled coconut milk, some home made red curry paste (frozen) and instead of peanut butter (which apparently is not great when you have hypothyroidism) we have a large jar of cashew butter (actually, I’m not sure this thing doesn’t qualify as ‘jar’ anymore, but hey, we don’t want to be too strict about this).

And maybe this banana cake is the right thing for your weekend? It’s supposed to be raining here all day on Saturday (great!) I foresee lots of long hot showers and curling up in bed with a book  – after having taken the dog out … not that Micro likes the rain either – he takes any chance he gets to curl up under the cover. Whatever you have planned, have a great weekend!


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