Dear Friday


It’s not only Friday, but Good Friday this week – are you all set up for Easter (or Passover)? We are definitely not there yet: the Easter decoration is still in the box and the menu currently only exists in our heads… (reinforce mental note: go shopping in the morning, like in: now!) We are going to be non-traditional (read: Lamb-free ): The plan is blood orange and fennel osso buco (still no idea for first course or dessert yet). The weather is supposed to be – ehm, not great – like almost every Easter – ok, not true, my very first Easter in the UK it was almost 20°C warm and I remember there were sleeveless t-shirts and a pick-nick at Kew Gardens (pictures of proof exist somewhere).  Still looking for some food ideas, decoration or gifts for Easter? Here is a small selection:

Looking for some cooking ideas and don’t know what’s in season right now? Cookie and Kate have a great April guide.

A lovely selection of Easter books for children.

Up for a bunny garland or ombre eggs?

Any plans for Easter breakfast? Check out this post or, even better, check out the whole blog – the renovations are fantastic!

Since we are still freezing outside (when not running or playing with the dog), this giant fuzzball is hugely tempting (totally not in the budget and also no space to put it, and most probably Micro would call dibs…)

Hope you have something lovely planned for the Easter weekend, spend some time with family and/or friends and have some gorgeous food. Have a good one!


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