Dear Friday

First time: home made almond milk

How was your week? Is it just me or do the weeks feel twice as long lately. G and I have started on the whole30 for lent (which is not this year’s motto of the Protestant Church in Germany, which I used to take as an example; they go with ‘you are beautiful’ instead..hmm, at a stretch this might still work.). The main change for us was leaving  out all dairy . One could say we went a bit overboard with dairy once we decided we would be without it for lent… we slowly came off it, not wanting to throw anything away. Thus, Monday (and not Ash Wednesday) was actually our first day without. Curiously enough, cutting out grains from my diet two years ago didn’t nearly give me the cravings I now have for milk, especially in the morning with my coffee. It only started to fade a bit yesterday – let’s see what happens in week 2, then.

G accepted a new job (yes, I know, that was fast – long story though) and found this to solve her shoe problems. Have you tried it?

Slightly late for us, but here is the how to catch a mouse video in case you have this problem. Don’t forget to stay away from sticky traps whatever you do – the mouse is definitely not going to quietly wait on it until you release her/him!

This is going to make you breathe.

Have you cleaned your Mac/PC lately? If not, have a look at this for some tips – and if you have f.lux enabled, don’t disable it in your login items (like yours truly) and wonder why the display still has a yellow tint in the morning…

Are you a highly sensitive person? Then, you probably need to arrange your space differently – do the test.

Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend? We’re going to meet up with our friend J and her little daughter for brunch and we will spend some time on meal planning, because with that sort of choice for food, you need to be prepared. Whatever you do I hope you have a great weekend!!


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